Lower Dens Radio

8 Sep

So I was forced to use Last.fm at work today. Normally Spotify is my go to not at home music library. I have one track from Lower Dens that I love, and I had been meaning to listen to the whole album and finally I had my chance. Because of security, work blah blah, I couldn’t download Spotify… the search to listen to this band eventually lead me to Last.fm. It could have easily ended up Pandora, but after hearing the first 4 songs I was hooked… What is my message? Not to promote Last.fm, although I love all sites, apps devoted to giving me listening pleasure… BUT this station is amazing. Hands down. Go listen now. I promise you will not be disappointed. Here is a sample of the awesomeness:

Lower Dens, ‘Hospice Gates’ by guillerninia

15. Daniel Rossen Waterfall by MC TANK PUMPIN’

Blouse, “Videotapes” by selftitledmag


30 Jan

This week I was thrilled to see Wilco play at the Wiltern in Los Angeles (Compliments of my best friend: JOIA). A few of their albums are on my ALL TIME FAVORITE list!!
Here is a track from there new album: The Whole Love. ~ilisa

Eat More Fruit & Drink More Water

30 Jan

One of the items on my Resolution List is to pay more attention to the things I put into my body. Namely, eating more fruit in place of the unhealthy snacks at work AND staying hydrated. Usually, coffee is my morning staple followed by a diet coke with lunch. Oh yes, I have a bottle of water at my desk… and maybe I will take a sip or two but all and all my daily intake is at an ultimate low. SO, starting off the new year, I decided to go on a juice cleanse. It is a good way to reset yourself, and hopefully your habits too! In the past, I kinda winged the juice fasting. I read a book on it, bought a juicer, and just went for it: I lasted 3 days. The next year I tried again: 4.5 days. I still was not drinking enough water and I was so tried of the actual juicing and cleaning process that I was not making enough juice to last me the day.

This year I started over; I researched a couple of cleanses and decided on the Blue Print Cleanse. I went for the excavation: 6 bottles of mostly all green juices a day delivered to my “doorstep.” The first day, I could barely get through all of the juices. Not because they tasted bad but because 6 bottles of juice + Herbal Tea + water was A LOT to consume! Luckily all of the juices tasted great and I never felt hungry. Now I am on Day 6, drink 6!!! This week I get to slowly bring myself back on solid foods. How do I feel: Awesome. What did I learn: adding a little lemon into water is delicious. I have even started craving it. I also learned that there are many great herbal teas that can not only curb my daily coffee addiction, but become a lasting alternative. Now it is time to keep up the good lesson. Tomorrows Menu: Fruit!! ~ilisa

Blue Print Cleanse

2012 Here I Come!

24 Jan

I am so very ready for this year’s new goals. Hopefully I will complete them all, if not give it a good shot! I saw this idea from Teresa Wozniak and had to make my own. ~ilisa

The Shins have a new “Simple” Song!

12 Jan

Something about the lightheartedness of their music makes feel like I am floating on air with a super big grin on my face.

Another Great DIY Holiday Tree

9 Dec

How many of us have shelves upon shelves of books just waiting to see the light of day?? This is a perfect way to get creative AND do a little winter dusting at the same time! Such a cute idea! You always amaze me Anthropologie! ~ilisa

First Aid Kit

4 Dec

If you have not heard of the duo, First Aid Kid, please do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Stockholm sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg have the most amazing voices. I had the privilege of seeing them at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, thanks to KCRW. After the show, I was able to chat with them for a minute, I was so awestruck!!

First Aid Kit – Hard Believer by Wichita Recordings

All I want for Christmas…

3 Dec

I love Christmas. This year my parents purchased tickets for the family to go on a cruise to Mexico! I have never been on a cruise before and I can’t wait to share the experience. The pressure is on since the cruise is the week before Christmas (that’s one week less I have to shop!!) I have been so busy between work and finding gifts, when anyone asked what I want my mind draws a bunch of blanks. Of course, given some thought (and a little click, click, click, of the mouse), I found a few things that would definitely make me smile if I should receive a special something under the tree. I have not posted any outfits just yet, so here is a little taste of what I would wear given the opportunity. ~ilisa


1. Dress $49.99 at Modcloth    2. Belt $9.99 at Ruche   3. Scarf $17.99 at Modcloth    4. Wedge Shoe $49.99 at Modcloth    5. Pink Hat $56.99 at Ruche    6. Wedge Shoe  $39.99 at Modcloth    7.  Polka Dot Top  $44.99 at Modcloth    8. Emerald Button Up Cardigan $28.99  at Ruche

Holiday D.I.Y Tree

30 Nov

Ok, I totally will be putting more effort into original posts, but I saw this on Apartment Therapy and had to share. The best part about this idea is that you can apply it beyond just the holiday! All you need is an empty space on your wall and a great silhouette to fill with goodies.   ~ilisa


29 Nov

I had an old track from this band wish was on a steady rotation. It’s no surprise that I am loving some of the new sounds they are putting out this year!
Fever Dreams by nurses